Policies & Procedures



Cancellation of appointments require 24 hours notice.




Personal data is collected stored and handled in line with GDPR. If you have any questions please contact me.

Only relevant information is collected including GP's details and a brief summary of medical history. All information is kept securely and confidentially. Data is not passed to any 3rd parties except in the circumstances below.

Disclosing Information:

Information will only be disclosed to 3rd parties under specific circumstances, and with consent where possible for the following reasons;

- For safety and safeguarding of vulnerable adults/children.

- If a client is at risk of doing harm to themselves or others.

- In connection with legal proceedings.


Storing Information

All information must be kept for 7 years for insurance purposes. Nothing is recorded or stored electronically. All notes are kept in an anonymous format and securely stored.


Your Rights


You have the right to control how your data is used. You can request a copy at any time, request corrections, and ask that the information be sent to another person.

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