Free Initial Consultation

The Initial consultation is a chance to meet informally for a chat and to gather any relevant information, including what you wish to achieve and how we can help. You will also be given a free CD to help with relaxation.

Solution Focused therapy operates from a positive perspective. It does not require delving into past problems but focuses on solutions. We note that SMALL differences can lead to change. Client and therapist work as a team and both must be committed to the process.

First Session

I will guide you through a tried and tested relaxation technique in order to achieve trance. In this state we can work towards your objectives.

We use trance as it is natural and easy to achieve. Like day dreaming, it engages the deeper parts of your mind (the subconscious) to focus more positively on what's good and what you want.

Further Sessions

Further sessions follow the same tried and tested method.

We work quickly but do not wish a client to leave before they feel ready to do so. The number of session will vary dependant to the client and the problem.

I speak from personal experience and feed back from my clients that it is a pleasant and relaxed state of body and mind. You are aware of the world around you and feel safe and in control, content to stay in this comfortable place, until it is time to come back to the day.